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Longing for a hot tub but know you need to work out? If you don’t fancy Peleton (and let’s face it, who does!), then's selection of high-quality swim spas could be the perfect solution. Work out in your own private swimming pool and then relax afterwards with a luxurious spa session which you can share with family or friends.
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  • The Benefits of Owning a Swim Spa

    The great joy of a swim spa is that you can work out without going to the gym or your local pool. It’s there at home whenever you want it plus you don’t need to feel guilty about splashing out on a hot tub as a swim spa is the best of both worlds. 

    A swim spa offers you the benefits of either a relaxing or high-impact swim without a full-sized swimming pool. The continuous current provides resistance so you can swim as many lengths as you want or let the kids splash about. Split models offer a spa at one end and a swimming area at the other - now that’s genius!

    At, we offer a range of swim spas with a variety of features - there’s something for every budget.  Choose the functions that best suit your needs whether that’s a personal workout space with room to relax with your partner, or a family model which everyone can enjoy. Robust and high-quality, now you can exercise, unwind and socialise in a luxury swim spa.


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Swim Spas Reviews


Project Title: The Water Hub Location: Dorset, UK Cost: £4,300.00 Project Details:

This large swim spa became a real focus for family life, with the option to swim and workout, splash play with the younger children and then enjoy all the relaxation and luxury of a hot tub to socialise with family and friends. It’s been so versatile, and it’s in use virtually all the time.

The Water Hub


Project Title: Dorset Views Cottage Holidays Location: Falmouth, Cornwall Cost: £6,785.00 Project Details:

Swim spas have been the perfect addition to many of our holiday lets, cottage owners have been so enthusiastic about them as they offer a mini pool, a water workout and a hot tub all in one plus they even work for the smaller properties with not much outside space. They really are an added enhancement which encourages guests to book.

Dorset Views Cottage Holidays

Swim Spas FAQ's

How easy are swim spas to set up?

Most swim spas are moulded out of acrylic and range from 12’ to 24’ in length on average. These are usually set into a deck or you can landscape around them and make a real feature. Self-contained or portable swim spas are pre-built and a bit bulky but your installer will do all the set up for you. You can vary the location and take them with you when you move. The pumps, jets, filters and heater and all built inside the unit and contained in a wood or thermoplastic cabinet that is pre-installed. It’s like a bigger hot tub. Just add water and enjoy!

How do I maintain my swim spa?

Maintaining your swim spa is easy with the right advice from  your installation company and the correct products. Just like a swimming pool or dedicated hot tub, you need to take care of the water quality and regularly test the pH levels and chlorine to ensure the water is safe to use. Add a water testing kit and chemicals to your order. You’ll also need to look after the interior of the spa and keep the filters and jets clean. Our friendly staff can go through with your how to do this and we offer all the products and replacement parts you’ll need to keep your swim spa in tip top condition.

How much does it cost to run a swim spa?

The answer to this depends upon several different factors like the size of the swim spa and how much water it holds, how often you use it and how hot you like the water temperature.  On average, budget for around £30-£50 per month for the energy to heat the swim spa and the cost of maintenance.

Can I use a swim spa indoors?

Because swim spas are generally a bit bigger than hot tubs, they tend to be better outside where there is more room and they’ll make less mess if your front crawl is rather vigorous. It’s possible to compromise and install swim spas in large conservatories where there is a tiled floor and easy access to a drainage point. Your installer can help advise you on the best location. Remember, you’ll need to be able to provide power and water and also drain the spa out.

How long do swim spas last?

The lifespan of a swim spa depends upon the quality of the product and how well it is installed and maintained. With proper care, a swim spa will last for several years. Always follow the installer’s instructions for use and the manufacturer’s guidance on servicing and upkeep. Act quickly if you need a repair or a replacement part and you should ensure many years of swimming and luxury soaking with your swim spa.

Is it safe to use a swim spa during pregnancy?

Gentle swimming is a great way to exercise during pregnancy because of the buoyancy of the water. However, you should always check with your midwife or healthcare practitioner before you take up anything new. Soaking in hot water is also fine if you’re pregnant but the recommended water temperature should be below 102°F (39°C) and the soak time limited to 20 minutes or less.

Can I use a swim spa in the winter?

The joy of a swim spa is that you can enjoyed heated swimming and spa luxury all year round. It may take a bit longer to heat the water in the winter and we also recommend that you cover the swim spa to keep the heat in and protect it from the elements. If you are using the swim spa in cold or frosty weather then make sure there are mats around the outside to prevent slipping and falls.