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Looking for a different yet affordable way to add luxury to your backyard or outside space? Look no further than's selection of high-quality wood fired hot tubs. Perfect for relaxing with friends or family, adding sparkle to a special occasion or just soak away the aches and pains of the day with that chilled glass of something special. Our hot tubs are sure to become the new hot spot at home.

  • The Benefits of Owning a Wood Fired Hot Tub

    When it comes to backyard luxuries, a wood fired hot tub is indulgence and then some. Not only can you enjoy the perfect spa experience, you can do it whilst being closer to nature. Wood fired hot tubs are all about the wood! Made from quality hardwood, all you’ll hear is the sounds of nature and the crackling firewood as you indulge in the blissful luxury of the warm water. There is no electricity or electric hook ups which means you can also sit the hot tub well away from the house if you want to as long as you have access to a water supply.

    Wood fired hot tubs also offer several health benefits. Soaking in warm water is a great way to relieve aches, pains and muscle tension plus it can boost the circulation so you can both unwind and rejuvenate after a long, stressful day. Enjoy a solo session with total peace and quiet or opt for a party vibe with family and friends, a great way to socialise in all weathers and with a glass of your favourite tipple.

    At, we offer a wide variety of next generation wood fired hot tubs with something for all budgets and lifestyles. Choose from a large 8-person model which will suit the whole family or your closest friends, to a small cosy tub with room for two. Our wood fired hot tubs are craftsman designed with real attention to the user experience and easy care and maintenance. We know what it takes to own a wood fired hot tub and have thought of everything so your experience is as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.


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Wood Fired Hot Tubs Reviews


Project Title: The Hen Tub Location: York, UK Cost: £1,200.00 Project Details:

This large wood fired hot tub was the centrepiece of an intimate private restaurant experience in a glorious Georgian townhouse, providing the ultimate hen night for the bride to be and a few select guests. Lit with fairy lights and located just outside the conservatory, it was the perfect post prandial cocktail.

The Hen Tub


Project Title: Norfolk Coastal Cottages Location: North Norfolk, UK Cost: £1540.00 Project Details:

A hot tub for each barn conversion on this luxurious complex of high-end traditional brick and flint Norfolk holiday lets. The perfect inducement to encourage any guest to click ‘book’ on the website, holidaymakers enjoy the glorious Norfolk skies and sunsets with beautiful views over open countryside and just a cold drink for company.

Norfolk Coastal Project

Wood Fired Hot Tub FAQ's

How easy are wood fired hot tubs to set up?

Wood fired hot tubs are a pretty permanent fixture but because of their attractive shape and wooden design, they are a feature that will fit in well to every location. Your tub will be set up by our installers. Wood fire hot tubs can match your decking and wooden furniture plus they have an elemental connection to nature because they are missing the PVC material of an inflatable tub plus the noise from the pump. Just enjoy the experience with the crackle and scent of the firewood for company.

How do I maintain my wood fired hot tub?

Most wood fired hot tubs are made from cedar which is long-lasting and durable so treat the outside of the tub much as you would care for wooden decking or outdoor wooden furniture. Treat the wood every so often and add a stain if the natural colour fades. It’s also important to look after the quality of the water within the tub. A wood fired hot tub tends to be used differently to other types of hot tub, the water is usually used a couple of times and then drained and changed. The advantage of this is that there is no need to use chemicals to keep the water pure which is better for the occupants and the planet. If you want to leave the water in the tub for longer then you can use a water testing kit to check the pH and chlorine levels to make sure the water is clean and safe. We sell testing kits and chemicals to maintain the correct balance in the water plus supplies and replacement parts to keep the filters in good order and working properly.

How much does it cost to run a wood fired hot tub?

The cost of running a wood fired hot tub depends on a number of different things so it varies from one tub owner to another. The size of the tub and the volume of water are relevant as is the temperature of the water plus how often you use the tub. Expect to pay around  £30-£50 per month on average to care for and heat your wood fired hot tub.

 Can I use a wood fired hot tub indoors?

Some hot tubs can be used indoors but because of the smoke from the wood, it is recommended that you choose an area which is very well ventilated, perhaps an enclosed patio area which has large doors that open onto the garden. This will also make the tub easier to drain. Our professional team can advise on indoor installation but just bear in mind that a wood fired hot tub is not as portable as an inflatable so this isn’t going to be something you’ll be able to move around easily.

How long do wood fired hot tubs last?

Wood fired hot tubs usually enjoy great longevity due to their construction even if they are used regularly. If you care for the exterior of the tub with wood treatments and ensure the water is kept to the correct pH to avoid damaging the wooden interior, your tub will last a good twenty years. Always follow the instructions given to you by the installer and also the manufacturer to ensure you care for your wood fired tub correctly and stay on top of repairs as soon as they become obvious.

Is it safe to use a wood fired hot tub during pregnancy?

There is no clinical data to show that using a wood fired hot tub is unsafe during pregnancy but it’s important to take care on wet surfaces so that you don’t slip. Also, don’t soak in water that is too hot. Generally, the recommendation is that the water temperature is kept below 102°F (39°C) and that soaking time is limited to a maximum of 20 minutes. Always double check with your healthcare practitioner first just to be on the safe side.

Can I use a wood fired hot tub in the winter?

The winter is one of the nicest times to enjoy a wood fired hot tub but there are one or two unique challenges to plan for. The water must be properly heated and the tub covered when not in use to protect it from the elements. A top cover will prevent debris and detritus falling into the water as well as help to maintain the correct temperature. Always make sure the area around the hot tub is safe from slips and falls especially when it is icy or frosty.

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