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Bellagio Arum C Hot Tub | 5 Persons | Miami Spas

Bellagio Arum C Hot Tub | 5 Persons | Miami Spas

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The Bellagio Arum C is a five-seater hot tub with an above-average number of water jets, 129 in total. Choose from three individual seats with headrests or two loungers which accommodate the tallest of spa-goers. Multi-coloured waterline and underwater LED lights can be tailored to suit the mood. Construction is top quality with a lightweight but durable aluminium frame lined with premium Aristech acrylic, a hallmark of premier spa design. The exterior is treated wood, so you won’t need to worry about maintenance and can enjoy that authentic spa look for your outside space. Equipped with the Gecko control system, this leading technology provides versatile and reliable operation. Clear Water filtration produces perfect water and protects the tub’s filters, whilst ozone purification takes care of the things you can’t see, like pathogens and bacteria. The Arum C is supplied with a top cover, and the installation service is free, provided the electrics are in place and ready. A delivery charge of £2.63 per mile is chargeable from our Headquarters in Chesterfield for a two-man delivery team.

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Features and Measurements


Seating capacity: The number of people the hot tub can comfortably seat.
Jets: Jets that provide massage and hydromassage.
Waterfall: A decorative waterfall feature that adds ambiance and sound to the hot tub.
Lights: LED lights that can change color and create a relaxing atmosphere.
Filtration system: A system that helps keep the water clean and clear.
Heater: A device that maintains the water temperature.
Ozonator: A device that helps keep the water clean and reduces the amount of chemicals needed.

Length: The overall length of the hot tub.
Width: The overall width of the hot tub.
Height: The overall height of the hot tub.
Water capacity: The amount of water the hot tub can hold.
Dry weight: The weight of the hot tub without water.
Filled weight: The weight of the hot tub when filled with water.

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