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Aspire Microsilk Hot Tub | 7 Persons | Hot Tub Suppliers

Aspire Microsilk Hot Tub | 7 Persons | Hot Tub Suppliers

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This stylish seven-seater hot tub offers five contoured seats and two loungers with three 3HP massage pumps powering 83 jets cleverly located to expertly massage the areas of the body which need it most. The dedicated Microsilk pump operates solo to produce tiny bubbles which penetrate the pores of the skin to deliver the ultimate soothing and healing spa experience. This is the secret of Microsilk technology.

Using microbubbles, the Microsilk pump adds oxygen to the water that feels as smooth as silk against your skin It acts independently of the jets and stimulates the immune system, and aids collagen production.

Sophisticated ambient lighting creates a stunning visual effect with base lights and fountain and waterfall multi-coloured LEDs. Add to the mood with Bluetooth audio which provides crystal clear surround sound for the ultimate spa treatment.

Robustly designed with multiple layers to form an acrylic shell supported by a stainless-steel frame, the Aspire Microsilk is lined with a densely insulated foam to help protect the water temperature as well as your energy bills. The Balboa Spa Touch control system has an easy-to-read touchscreen and will interface with your device so you can operate it remotely. The App has full functionality enabling you to set filtration programmes, switch the pumps on and off and adjust the temperature.

A complementary thermal spa cover retains heat and keeps the water clear of debris and detritus. Triple water filtration removes tiny particles when the tub is in use and protects the pumps from clogging and damage. Water quality is assured with Pure Water Ozone, which electronically sanitises the water and removes what you can’t see, including bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

The Aspire Microsilk is available in two shades of grey with a synthetic wood cabinet surround to provide a stylish, high-end finish. The insulated top cover is included with the tub, which is supplied with a spa lifter, chemical pack, delivery and installation, all free of charge. The package also includes a set of spa steps.

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