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Cleo Microsilk Hot Tub | 5 Persons | Hot Tub Suppliers

Cleo Microsilk Hot Tub | 5 Persons | Hot Tub Suppliers

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Relax in the welcoming Cleo Microsilk, a hot tub fit for royalty. 53 stainless-steel jets are specifically sited around the interior to deliver a luxurious microbubble experience enhanced with LED multi-coloured surround lights and Bluetooth audio for the ultimate spa soak.

Microsilk is a unique patented hydrotherapy that not only rejuvenates your body but energises the skin and helps you look better too. The gentle effervescent effect of the silky water is created by millions of microbubbles, a fraction of the size found in most other spas. These increase the oxygen levels in the water, stimulating collagen production and promoting healing.

The Cleo Microsilk has flexible seating options with two loungers and three individual chairs, all of which have a unique contoured design for maximum relaxation. Operation of the hot tub is simple with the Balboa Spa Touch panel, which can interface with your smart phone or tablet via an App that lets you control the hot tub from inside, setting the temperature, switching the pumps on and off and even running the filtration programmes.

This hot tub has a strong construction with an acrylic shell wrapped around a steel frame and the interior lined with high-density foam insulation. A thermal spa cover keeps the tub protected and maintains water temperature when it’s not in use. The top has secure lockable clips to keep it in place, with the aluminium frame providing a snug fit. Made from high-grade marine PU, this cover is weather resistant and has a tapered design to promote water drainage. The cover has handles, so it is easy to fit and remove.

Twin filtration is used to keep the water clear of particles, and ozone disinfection naturally cleanses the liquid of viruses, bacteria and pathogens using an electronic sanitisation method that is silent and odourless, reducing the need for chemical treatments.

The Cleo Microsilk is available in elegant pebble grey or sumptuous midnight grey and comes with a free spa lifter, chemical pack, delivery and installation. A complementary set of spa steps is also included.

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