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L505 Lovia Range Hot Tub | 6 Persons | Lovia Spas

L505 Lovia Range Hot Tub | 6 Persons | Lovia Spas

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The Lovia L505 hot tub has six luxurious seats and 30 jets making it perfect for a group of friends or social family occasions. With robust construction, the L505 has a stainless steel and timber frame and an Aristech acrylic shell, so it not only looks good but will stand the test of time. Two Bluetooth speakers and a selection of ambient LED lights provide atmosphere and mood. Controlled with the Gecko control system, the operation is simple and cost-efficient. Water clarity is looked after by the Clear Water system, which offers superior filtration to protect the pumps. Have your hot tub delivered and put in position by our team of experts who will connect it to the power source if the wiring is ready, and start to fill it. There is a delivery charge of £2.63 per mile chargeable from our Headquarters in Chesterfield for a two-man delivery team.

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