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Trident Lite Hot Tub |5 Persons | Platinum Spas

Trident Lite Hot Tub |5 Persons | Platinum Spas

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The Trident Lite hot tub has room for five people, with three spacious seats and two luxurious loungers. Enjoy the effect of 40 powerful jets soothing tired joints and muscles. The ozone disinfecting system keeps the water free of bacteria and viruses, and twin filtration removes tiny particles, enhancing the purity of your soak. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the effect of the bubbles, the sound system and the LED mood lighting, easily operated with the simple Balboa control system. Our expert team will deliver your Trident Lite and place it in position ready to fill. There is a delivery charge of £2.63 per mile chargeable from our Headquarters in Chesterfield for a two-man delivery team.

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