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Infinity Series ZR6001 Hot Tub | 5 Persons | Lovia Spas

Infinity Series ZR6001 Hot Tub | 5 Persons | Lovia Spas

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With two contoured loungers and three seats, the ZR6001 hot tub offers the ultimate spa experience for a small group of family and friends. Sequences of multi-coloured ambient LED lighting can perfectly match the mood or occasion. Operation of the hot tub is simple with the Balboa Control System, which is easy to use and has an intuitive touchscreen making light work of keeping down the running costs. The water is constantly being cleansed of tiny particles with an efficient filter system, and viruses, pathogens and bacteria are removed by a silent and odourless ozone disinfection process. Our team of experts deliver and install the hot tub and will connect it to the power source if the electrics are ready. There is a delivery charge of £2.63 per mile chargeable from our Headquarters in Chesterfield for a two-man delivery team.

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