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Portable hot tubs are the best way to add luxury to your home either indoors or outside, they are so easy to move around to different locations and because they’re quick to inflate and deflate, you’re not stuck with them taking up valuable space when you don’t want to use them. At, we offer a selection of quality portable hot tubs to enhance your home, holiday home or even just your holiday. Different sizes mean you will be spoilt for choice with portable hot tubs for families, couples and the kids - just add lights and drinks for the perfect party, romantic moment or solo downtime.

A portable hot tub doesn't mean you have to compromise on features. Most of our portable hot tubs offer the same comfort and luxury as a fixed one, including led lights, heating & massage functions. 

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  • The Benefits of Portable Hot Tubs

    Portable hot tubs offer the best of both worlds, the convenience of a luxury spa without a permanent fixture in your backyard or garden. Wooden spas or large inflatable hot tubs can mean you’re stuck with them or or stuck with a hot tub in a particular location. Portable hot tubs can be easily deflated and stored or just moved to a different spot depending on preference plus they are sure to be a crowd pleaser at someone else’ party so why not bring a tub as well as a bottle!  

    Now you can enjoy the convenience of a luxury spa whenever you want it even if you have a compact home and outside area as the best thing about portables is that they don’t have to be permanent. Let the stress of the working week drift away in a haze of warm bubbles! Don’t think portable hot tubs have less features than larger inflatables or permanent wood tubs, most portables can easily match that heavenly spa experience with all the features you want for a truly luxurious soak so there’s no compromise.

    At, we offer a wide variety of portable hot tubs with different sizes and shapes to suit all types of user and budget. Choose a cosy portable for two or a large 8-person model which is great for the kids during the day and a perfect unwind for the grown ups in the evening. Our portable hot tubs come with all the little extras and features you enjoy to make your spa experience truly special like LED lighting, variable bubble speeds and that essential child safety lock. Add to that our unrivalled service and after care package and your only worry will be which choice of drink to accompany your spa soak.


Portable Hot Tub Reviews


Project Title: Cornish Horizons Location: Falmouth, Cornwall Cost: £620.00 Project Details:

Three portable hot tubs supplied to a group of holiday cottages. The cottages were classic fisherman’s properties so there was not much outside space but these portables meant it was easy for the owner to supply a hot tub according to each guests’ preference. It meant they could offer this feature to attract bookings but were not committed to a permanent loss of precious outdoor space for holidaymakers who didn’t want it.

Cornish Horizons


Project Title: Bouncetastic Location: Falmouth, Cornwall Cost: £745.00 Project Details:

Ten portable hot tubs supplied to a company specialising in bouncy castles and party inflatables to extend their range and offer something for the adults whilst the kids were playing. They are the perfect extra afterthought on the online order form and the owner was thrilled with how many customers opted to add one to their kids party booking.


Portable Hot Tub FAQ's

How easy are portable hot tubs to set up?

Portable hot tubs are really simple to set up with quick and easy auto-inflation and rapid heat technology because we know you won’t be able to wait to jump in. Most portable hot tubs are simple in design with one or two components, just attach the pump and away you go. Don’t forget to add water!

How do I maintain my portable hot tub?

Maintenance on your portable hot tub is easy. Protect the exterior by choosing your location carefully to make sure there is nothing that will cut or tear the material. Also, store with care once the tub is folded flat but otherwise there is little you need to do. Checking the water quality is something that is essential for every type of hot tub especially if you don’t want to change the water after every two or three uses. A water testing kit can check the pH and chlorine levels to ensure the water is always clean and safe. Our models have a smart filtration system so when the tub is in stand-by mode, the filtration system runs for 60 minutes every four hours so the water is always clean and ready for when you want to use it. We supply testing kits and water chemicals so your portable hot tub is ready to use as soon as the water has reached that perfect temperature plus spare and replacement parts for the filter.

How much does it cost to run a portable hot tub?

The cost of running a portable tub will vary from one person to the next because it depends on things like how often you use it, the preferred temperature of the water and how much water you put in it. A good average to work toward is £30-£50 per month to care for and heat your portable hot tub but you can reduce this by being clever about how you use electricity and by adding a top cover to keep the water from losing heat when you are not using the tub.

Can I use a portable hot tub indoors?

Yes you can but you need to check the supporting weight of the floor if you want to use one upstairs as are pretty heavy when they’re full. Our professional team can do a site survey so will recommend some different locations within the home and outside that will suit your new tub. You’ll need a power source, a water source and the ability to drain the tub down when you want to change the water. How you use the tub is also relevant. Children tend to make more mess than adults and can be better outside or in a ground floor room with a tile floor.

How long do portable hot tubs last?

Portables don’t have to be synonymous with inferior quality and if you look after your portable hot tub then it will last you several years although a lot will depend upon how often you use it and if you move it around regularly. Take good care of the material and this will help prolong its life. Always follow both the installer’s and the manufacturer’s instructions and you should be able to enjoy your portable hot tub for years to come.

Is it safe to use a portable hot tub during pregnancy?

There is no research which suggests that using a portable hot tub is unsafe during pregnancy but you should always check with your midwife or healthcare professional first. It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t soak for too long in hot water - the recommended temperature is anything below 102°F (39°C) and soaking time no longer than 20 minutes. Take care when walking around the tub as the floor surface may be wet and slippery, many models come with floor mats to prevent this. And be careful getting in and out of the tub too.

Can I use a portable hot tub in the winter?

The winter is a great time to plan an impromptu spa session and the great thing about a portable hot tub is that it can come with you to your perfect choice of destination. Perhaps you want to enjoy a soak on the decking outside your conservatory or maybe a trip to the trees at the far end of the garden to watch the sun set and enjoy the winter skies without any invasive light is your favourite. Just remember that it takes water longer to heat up in the winter and you may well want it a bit hotter anyway plus it doesn’t keep the heat as well even with a cover on the tub. Make sure the area around the hot tub isn’t slippery in the ice and frost as you could be more at risk of falling with wet feet.